We're Live

We’re Live!

Thanks to the much appreciated efforts of our internal staff, many consultants, and the patience and support of my clients in the industry, we have opened a dedicated coaching site and launched a new website. The many advisers throughout the years have asked me “Why put the resources towards something exclusively for the construction industry?” My answer is, who better deserves something just for them? Having spent the majority of my career in the industry I personally know the challenges the small to mid-size companies face.

These challenges are not much different from all small businesses in America, but also include many more unique to our industry alone. Those challenges combined with the action-results leadership style of most construction operations professionals and the time, budget, quality cycle required in our industry for success make custom programs a need for those of us who are visual doers to be able to maximize our knowledge in shorter amounts of time.

We invite you to discover more about us at ConstructionConnection.com or call us at 954-688-3373 if you have interest or a need to come to “THE SHED PAD” or connect with us on-line. Please don’t forget to write in to connect@constructionconnection.com with the learning event topics you have interest in. If you are an expert in an area helpful to the industry let us know. We would love to interview you to become an initiator.