The Olympic Spirit – Persistence Pays

The Olympic Games are so inspiring to me.  The athletes push their bodies, minds and souls to the limit.  But it’s their mental toughness and the never-give up attitudes that make them winners.

To the Olympic Athlete, Excuses Are Unacceptable

“What do Olympic athletes have to do with me?” you ask.  They, like you, have stories about how they trained or worked hard to overcome adversity.  Do Olympians or you quit when challenges are encountered?  I don’t think so!

Let the Olympics re-inspire you to greatness.

Taking It to Another Level

Olympic athletes appear to train to the extreme to earn the honor of competing in these games, but, honestly, I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want to represent his or her country in international competition.

Most of us who work hard or have been athletes know what it takes to reach our potential. We’ve worked or trained with the intensity necessary to get better, and we’ve sacrificed, pushed and suffered in that pursuit.

When it comes to being extreme, though, is that such a bad thing? It could be argued that extreme living means—sacrificing personal time for training, disciplined thinking and actions.

Be extreme when it comes to your personal and professional goals by setting the bar high in your personal and business goals and practices:

  • Have the Whatever-It-Takes-Attitude
    Today, our culture has lost its disciplined ‘to do-what-it-takes intensity’ and have sown the seeds of moderation and are reaping the fruit of mediocrity.  Reclaim your gold medal and do whatever it takes to be the best.
  • Good Intentions Never Result in Excellence
    “The road to _ _ _ _ is paved with good intentions.”  Does that saying ring a bell?  How about “desire never determines direction or destination”?  Instead, disciplined doing determines direction and destination.  Good intentions never result in excellence, but good actions do. Consistently doing the right things for the right reasons takes you in the direction of your goals one step at a time.
  • Adopt the Olympic Difference Mindset
    If you want to adopt the Olympic mindset and pursue excellence, consider these four aspects of Olympic athletes which embody the Olympic Difference:
  1. Olympians win the battle of the mind. They train their brains to reject doubt, discouragement and defeat. They reject negative thinking and refuse to make excuses.
  2. Olympians win the battle over their emotions. They know that they have to keep pushing even when they don’t feel like it. They’ve learned that stress and worry don’t produce great performance, but those who maintain composure in the heat of competition are the ones who typically win.
  3. Olympians win the battle of the body. They are willing to discipline their bodies through nutrition, intense training and rest. They know they must master their physical bodies in order to compete at the highest level, often times being willing to make sacrifices in order to reach their destinations.
  4. Olympians win the battle for the heart. They order their priorities around their missions and aren’t distracted by things that will prevent them from doing their best. Olympians are true all the way through, and, in order to avoid being disqualified, they have to be diligent in playing by the rules.

Are you inspired by the Olympic Spirit?  Are you ready to take your personal and business practices to the next level?  It’s time to turn desire into discipline and our intentions into actions. Pursue great health with an Olympic mindset and intensity!

Go for the gold!  Live your life by design, not by default!

Yours in good health,


Nora Clemens has been a Nutrition Expert for over 30 years. Her passion is working with people to help them achieve health and wellness through nutrition and fitness. Nora prides herself in being able to design programs that meet each person’s unique nutrition and lifestyle needs by helping them overcome the obstacles that have previously stood in their way. Construction Connection Profile Link:

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