Remote Time Collection

New Smartphone App Speeds Up Time Collection And Approval Processes

In 2012 Sage launched Sage Construction Anywhere, a cloud-based collaborative platform for managing construction projects.  Recently Sage announced the addition of an important new capability within Sage Construction Anywhere to help you with your mobile time collection and approval processes. In this article we review the importance of cloud computing in the construction industry, recap the Sage Construction Anywhere solution, and take a sneak peak at the new mobile time collection feature.

Cloud Computing and the Construction Industry

By definition, construction companies must be in two places at the same time – at the office and at the job site. How well information is gathered from the field and compiled at the office is a key success factor in the industry.

Cloud-based solutions are a natural fit for the construction industry because you can use them anywhere you have a wireless connection to the Internet. The cloud-based solutions from Sage are designed to complement and extend the capabilities of your Sage 300 solution. Your company can leverage your investment in Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate through the use of cloud-based solutions and a wireless connection to the Internet.

Sage Construction Anywhere

The release of Sage Construction Anywhere last spring gave Sage 300 customers the ability to request and receive Sage 300 project reports from any mobile device or personal computer. This remote access to timely and current project information supports effective decision making when you are away from the office.

A cloud-based collaborative solution, Sage Construction Anywhere provides your entire project team with anytime, anywhere access to project information. It connects your people,  documents, and project data securely in one easy-to-use, online project hub. Sage Construction Anywhere helps you get critical project information into the hands of those who need it most — anytime, anywhere, on any Web-enabled device.

  • Sage Construction Anywhere offers the ability to:
  • Work collaboratively and share common information
  • Safeguard documents and data in one virtual project hub
  • Use role-based security to control who can view reports and information
  • Transition new companies, people, and contacts into a project easily
  • Document projects from pre-construction through post-construction services
Remote Time Collection

As a Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate customer, soon you will be able to speed up your job costing and payroll processes with Time, the new mobile time collection capabilities within Sage Construction Anywhere.

Time tackles one of the most common problems for construction companies – visibility into labor costs and profitability. By strengthening field-to-office communication and offering new capabilities to collect, review, and approve employee timecard information, Sage Construction Anywhere will address this ever-present challenge.

With the new Time capabilities in Sage Construction Anywhere, your employees and supervisors can use an iPhone or Android app to quickly and easily submit employee time worked on a project, and link time to cost codes for the activities performed. Submitted time can then be reviewed and approved using either the mobile app or online within Sage Construction Anywhere. No more shuffling paper timesheets or trading Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets back and forth between the field and the office.

Once finalized within Sage Construction Anywhere, you can electronically post the approved time to Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Payroll and Job Cost. By automating your time collection and approval processes,  you can speed up your access to accurate,  complete payroll and job costing information.  This helps you to spot potential labor issues and profit erosion sooner.

To learn more about Sage Construction Anywhere and the new time capabilities please give us a call.

How To Avoid Five Reporting Pitfalls

Good reports are essential to running a construction or real estate business. Project managers rely on accurate information for informed decision making. Here we discuss five common issues that can make reports hard to use. Avoiding these pitfalls can save your organization time and money in the long term.

  1. Too Much Information: Sometimes what starts out as a useful report grows over time into an unreadable monster with too many columns that necessitate a tiny font size. A better option is to create a summary report with drill down to detail available when you need it.
  2. Missing Date and Time Stamp: There is no way to know which version of a report is most current if it doesn’t show the date and time it was generated. This could potentially lead to a flawed decision if an out-of-date report is inadvertently used.
  3. Poor Report Naming: Managers may be reviewing dozens of reports a day. Report names should clearly denote their purpose to help busy managers locate the information they are looking for more quickly.
  4. Poor Sorting Selection: When choosing the sort criteria for your report, think about what will be most useful for the reader. Rather than sorting by record key, sort by customer, vendor, tenant name, or other descriptive field.
  5. Reports That Take A Long Time to Run: Users will tend to avoid running reports that are going to take forever. If you have a lot of data in your system, it may be time to create a SQL-based data container to speed up complex report generation.

You have the ability to avoid all these reporting pitfalls when creating reports within Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate. Give us a call for assistance.


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