October 2012 Newsletter: Who’s Vote Do You Have?

Suzanne BreistolHello Construction Connection Members and Guests:

This month, we thought that we would put a spin on all the buzz with the upcoming November election and share how-to tips written for our industry; you can share many of these tips with others, both inside and outside the industry, to provoke thought and discussion. Our goal at Construction Connection is to create a place where people from the industry can go to find the answers they need, the people they need, or just to be encouraged.

It was nice to hear that this month’s unemployment rates were at an all-time low since 2008, but not so encouraging to hear that over two hundred thousand people have left our industry to find work in other industries this past year. We’d love for you to join our discussion on LinkedIn on how the stats have improved (or not) in your area.

Thank you for continuing to help us spread the word about Construction Connection and the free job match, job post and SEO marketing for companies. Thank you for supporting our partners who help us to keep it free. If you will share this link with just one employer in our industry, you will make a difference.

Let’s Keep Construction Working!
Happy Fall Y’all,

Suzanne, on behalf of Kent, Suzanne and the Construction Connection Team!


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