Not All Roses?

Hello to you 55,000 plus subscribers.  Thank you for being a part of Construction Connection and for all your referrals.  We love and appreciate you!

In the past month alone some of the many challenges brought to my attention in our industry include:

  • Talented, capable construction professionals who didn’t have a clue about how to market themselves and secure a job.
  • Both individuals and companies who are still facing financial challenges.
  • Companies facing partnership breaks and bonding line cuts.
  • Construction executives who are back to working long hours and excited for the increase in business but facing health and relationship issues from a return to “lack of balance.”
  • Labor shortages and cost escalations–supply and demand, just to name a few.

Daniele, our talented marketing director who brings this fantastic newsletter to us, gave me a book on positive quotations recently.  In the book, there is a quote from St. Francis of Assisi: “Start by doing what’s necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

Do you have failing relationships?  Do you have financial challenges?  Are you having trouble finding a job or finding the right employees?  Instead of thinking about how difficult it is, start by doing what you can and see where it leads.  If you need help or encouragement along the way, call 877-545-4473 or      e-mail us.  If we can’t help you, we will find someone who can, and we are always here to pray for you and encourage you.  In addition, we have these awesome partners who write custom articles for you each month, as well as our blog and shop with tools for success!

This month is Valentine’s Day month and all you need to do is take an example from school-age children.  They don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day as strictly for a boyfriend or girlfriend.  They use this time to exchange kind words, send cards, or give goodies and balloons to anyone that they can. So, let’s take their examples and do the same.  If you haven’t read Kent’s article on “What’s Love Got to do with It”, I highly recommend that you do!

February has only 28 days in 2014 so there is not an extra day this year, like in leap year.  None of our lives are all roses, but life can be a beautiful bouquet of little victories from a willing and obedient heart!  You are loved and appreciated!

Happy Valentine’s Day and beyond,

Suzanne on behalf of Kent, Suzanne and the Construction Connection Team!

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