May Day, May Day, We’re Here to Help!

The construction industry is one of the oldest industries in the world–3.6% percent of the U.S. GDP — led by ambitious, determined and caring individuals.  To me, the construction industry is one of the most important professions, yet maybe the least understood or misperceived, and definitely close to the top in unappreciated.  In addition, I think construction industry leaders are some of the smartest people in the world, not just academically, but innovatively ; yet, the measurement society uses doesn’t align with our industry.

I recently attended a conference where nearly 500 business consultants gathered from all around the world.  As we shared (over the three days) our business cards and the industry we specialize in, we heard various comments, like, “I consulted once for a contractor” or “I find working with contractors difficult…”  The body language we observed was interesting and, on a couple of occasions, a person would avoid conversation all together once learning of the industry we specialize in.  I do know it wasn’t because I forgot deodorant.

We did meet a few professionals in the group who do a good share of their book of business with contractors.  We shared a mutual agreement that the construction industry isn’t difficult to work with. We just speak their language.  What is that language?  It is clear action backed by timely, measurable results!  Contractors don’t look for reasons to hold meetings, conferences, planning sessions, etc., but they are more than willing to schedule and attend them if they know the time they spend there will produce results.

Construction Connection is a business dedicated to servicing the industry.  We are here and called to help you get better results with employment and education. Our partners, our team and our advisers are industry experts who not only speak your language, but each day help individuals working in and leading the industry to understand their communication styles and how to communicate better with others, in addition to implementing smart business practices for ease of accountability, action, profitable results, but, most importantly, cohesive relationships with others you work with and the clients you work for.

My team and I spend the majority of our time working directly with company owners and leaders helping them with solutions—yes, solutions to the challenges they face daily with systems, processes and people. We also work with clients of contractors, such as owners and developers, and interact with industry consultants regularly to help them understand how to better work with contractors.

What are we discovering over time?  Most leaders of construction companies want help, but (1) They don’t want to ask as it might show weakness; (2) Contractors often think the solutions to their problems are signing more work. However, without slowing down to fix the business structure, more work may put them under, not just professionally, but personally and health wise; (3) They don’t trust anyone or know anyone to consult who is not going to lead them astray.

We don’t promise you miracles.  We only offer you a number to call (305-361-0094) if you need an ear to listen.  At the end of listening, we will ask you one question.  Why are you telling me this?  If it is just for someone to listen, we can do that once.  If it is because you are ready for help and change, we will walk you through it.

Because we love the industry we serve!

Suzanne Breistol and the Construction Connection team and partners

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