Leading with Courage

By John Barbar

Over 20 years ago, while in Asia, I asked my dad this question: “What is the key attribute of your success?” His response shocked me! Dad was a man with great vision, so that’s what I expected the answer to be…wrong!

He gave a one word answer: “Courage”.
I have learned through the years the importance of courage in facing lives challenges; pursuing dreams; or overcoming disappointments.

C.S. Lewis, said this about courage: “Courage is not simply one of the virtues, but the form of every virtue at the testing point.”

Here’s a definition of Courage: Facing fear with active faith! Being a person of courage does not mean you do not have fear; however, it is facing the fear with active faith.

Seven Requirements of Courage:

Courage requires us to act on our beliefs, whether or not others are with us.
Danger: Lose our convictions.

Courage requires us to face our fears head on with boldness, and intensity.
Danger: Defeated.

Courage requires us to dig deep within and become who we are destined to be.
Danger: Settle.

Courage requires preparation so we are ready when the time comes.
Danger: Miss the opportunity.

Courage requires humility so it’s not mistaken for arrogance.
Danger: Misunderstood.

Courage requires us to be tough to withstand criticism.
Danger: Withdraw.

Courage requires inner strength not brute force.
Danger: Destructive.

Action Steps to Develop Courage:

Seek Counsel – upward, spouse, mentor and friends. What is an area that you most need to change or grow?

Review Your Goals – do they value pleasure or progress? Are you surviving in your comfort zone or thriving in your ‘courage zone’.

Do Something Courageous – Plan to do something uncomfortable a couple of times a week for two months.

You have the opportunity to change your world as you lead courageously so…
Live Passionately with Courage!

John Barbar
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