June 2013 Newsletter: Stop the Insanity

Dear Construction Connection Newsletter Subscribers,

It is hard to believe that 2013 is half over.  We see the construction industry busy again and hope, in theme with this newsletter, that more and more of you have learned to work smarter, not harder, and will “stop the insanity” of doing the same thing and hoping to get different results.

We are here to provide free services and resources to help you build strong, profitable businesses and careers.  Join me in welcoming our newest partner, Software Advice.  They are a free service to help you find the right software for your company.

Make sure to read the helpful articles by our other partners, Edwards and Zuck, Fringe Benefits, Alliance Solutions and Smith Currie to whom we are grateful  each month for sharing their wisdom and helping us help you!  Are you an expert service provider or product manufacturer or distributor in our industry?  If so, call us and let us share with you the benefits of partnering with us.

Did you sign up for the Educational Design Building and Facilities Expo yet?  If you work in the educational arena, then you don’t want to miss it!  New England summers are spectacular, also.

Be sure to send us pictures of your project to kent@constructionconnection.com  or to suzanne@constructionconnection.com — and any articles you want to share with our now close to 50,000 members and a reach way beyond!

Wishing each of you a safe, fun start to summer!


Suzanne on Behalf of Kent and the Construction Connection Team

Stop the Insanity


The Co-Founders of Construction Connection, Kent Leighton and Suzanne Breistol have a passion for helping those working in our industry to succeed.  If you need help with your business or career in our industry email Kent or Suzanne or call us at 877-545-4473. They will be happy to help you make the right connection or personally work with you.

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