January 2013 Newsletter: The New Norm

Happy New Year to you! Congratulations to all of you who persevered through the ups and downs of our industry in 2012 and the few years proceeding.  We at Construction Connection hope that the forced dichotomy made you cognoscente to smart business practices future.

What is the New Norm?  Everywhere we turn we see that changes have occurred over the last few years in market pricing, materials, availability of skilled labor, fuel prices and energy options, laws and regulations, available technology and so much more.

What can we count on in 2013 anyway?  We can count on ¼ million new jobs being created in our industry   We can count on shortage of trades people in the major metropolitan sectors and a shortage of qualified personnel in other segments of our industry due to a combination of the amount of people that left the industry along with the lack of specialty training and project experience outside of your traditional vertical building and infrastructure jobs.  We can count on technology advancements at the speed of light and new laws and regulations that require you, the small to mid size contractor to make sure your head isn’t in the sand or you will not survive.

You can count on us, Construction Connection, to be a  resource to guide you and help you navigate through the ever changing New Norm including just some simple encouragement when you need it.

May 2013 bring you a solid foundation in life and business to build on so the future of your career and business can clearly navigate through the unknowns of the New Norm.

Godspeed 2013!
Suzanne on behalf of Kent, Suzanne and the Construction Connection Team!



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