Is Time Preventing You From Hiring?

With over 90% of all construction companies in America having less than 20 employees, the person doing the hiring typically wears many hats in a given day.  Sourcing for candidates, reading resumes, follow-up, interviewing, reference checking and formalizing offers take a tremendous amount of time.  If the company is not working with an employment specialist to assist in the process, they definitely need help to ensure proper due diligence is done.  After recognizing the need for a new hire and not moving forward to hire a person, other challenges may arise both personally and professionally with the burden put on you and others to do the job.

How can we help you? Hiring Helper will walk you through creating a detailed job description quickly and efficiently.  Next, in the touch of a button, Hiring Helper finds matches to your job description.  Hiring Helper also allows you to prescreen those matches by presenting them questions that verify the top qualifications that are required by you.  You will get a few qualified candidates to chose from verses hundreds of candidates that don’t match your wish list.  The Hiring Helper resume gives you detailed information on the candidates and provides you with references and their compensation expectations. You just need to contact them and schedule the interview.

So, what are you waiting for?
Let Hiring Helper assist you with finding the right person to join your team!