In Memory of a Fallen Angel

Construction Angels are the first responders to those construction families in need of assistance when the unthinkable has happened to them.

Below is a testimony from the construction company in memory of Fallen Angel Frank T. Donson.  Construction Angels were there to help Frank’s family during this time of need thanks to those of you from our industry that give so generously for them to do so.

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” ]Dear Construction Angels,

Right after midnight, early Wednesday morning, August 15, 2012 the driver of a pick-up truck was driving northbound in the inside lane of a six lane highway with a turn lane down the middle (7 total lanes). Due to our work zone, the middle turn lane and the inside lane of the southbound side were closed. The driver proceeded past our subcontractor’s active milling operation and our active paving operation (including 15+ trucks) all moving southbound. (This included approximately 4000 feet of orange reflective cones barricading the work zone). All 3 lanes on the northbound side were open to traffic. Immediately after passing our foreman’s pick up and the inspector’s pick up, (parked with head lights and strobe lights on in close proximity to a roller), the driver immediately veered through the cones into the turn lane and struck our employee who was walking toward the roller to begin rolling the freshly laid asphalt. The pick-up came to rest after striking the stationary roller.

All traffic control measures were in place in accordance with the plans and specifications. Signs, cones, arrow boards, and 2 law enforcement vehicles were present with operating strobe lights. All appropriate PPE was being worn by all employees.

There were no skid marks present which leads us to believe that the driver was either distracted or unconscious at the time he veered into the work zone. Based upon the damage to the pick-up, it is appears that the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed. The speed limit in this area is 40 mph. There was no time to warn our employee.

Our employee, Frank T. Donson, lost his life because of the accident described above. Frank joined our company in 2007 and was very dedicated and proud of his profession. He was a man who got up each morning put his work boots on and reported to work with a smile on his face and a prideful heart. He was eager to help his fellow employees and was willing to do whatever it took to get the job clone. He leaves behind five children and five grandchildren that he was very dedicated to. He was a son, father, brother, grandfather, uncle, and caretaker, and a proud member of our CONSTRUCTION family. He will truly be missed by all.

Submitted by a representative of Frank’s Employer to Construction Angels[/box]

Here’s how you can help:

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[author image=”” ]Construction Angels, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Corporation that provides aid to families of road construction workers in need of financial assistance when the head of the family has lost his/her life.  Many times when the head of the household has suffered a loss of life while working on a jobsite, there are little or no funds available to assist the family left behind nor has there been money saved to pay for the children’s college education.  A unique aspect of this non-profit Organization is that it has a niche market in road construction and the cliental, directly related to the market, which assists in acquiring the necessary funds. Construction Angels are the First Responders to those Road Construction families in need of assistance when the unthinkable has happened to them.  We believe in family values and the constant support of our own niche industry. Its services are designed to provide an integrated approach to create quality of life for family members whose head of household has had the misfortune to be involved in a tragic and fatal accident. The road construction industry provides smooth roads and highways to travel upon during our everyday life.  We hope to facilitate the avoidance of unexpected paths for workers and their families via facilitating access to safety information and providing a smooth transition if an unexpected path does occur.  The Organization will provide the following assistance to a family in need, which will include, but is not limited to:  financial assistance, access to Safety, Spiritual Guidance and Hospice through our Affiliates page on our website[/author]