Contractors Increasing Revenue and Lowering their Business Expenses

by Orlando Mulero

Executive Plumbing, LLC in Boise, ID privately owned and operated contracting firm, and has provided Boise residents and business owners with excellent plumbing services for over seven years. Paul Lawson, the owner of Executive Plumbing like many small business owners in the construction industry is always looking for ways to make his business more efficient and to service his clientele better.

As a contractor, sometimes clients can’t afford to pay the whole amount at once.  Contractors also run the risk that they might take a check that won’t clear. In addition, contractors  wish they could offer monthly service contracts to clients, but know that keeping up with monthly invoicing and collections often takes away from his production time or is costly to add staff responsibility.

Paul Lawon of Executive Plumbing is one of the contractors that doesn’t worry about any of these issues. Paul implemented merchant services into his business and now is able to offer his clients various payment options. He collects his money for the work he does on site and can either process payment on site from his laptop or call it into the office to be processed. Paul has increased his revenue and lowered his business expenses by freeing up more of his office required time for billing and collections, giving him more field time. Paul chose Pay Junction as the provider for these services and is very happy with their product and service.

Pay Junction focuses on helping independent, service and small business owners to achieve their goals, by providing them breakthrough technology tools for their businesses including virtual credit card processing for Visa, MasterCard, American Express etc..  Businesses have three options to fit theirs and their clients needs.  Payments can be processed at your office through a Virtual Terminal, through your company website called a Payment Gateway or on the go – Phone Charge

What equipment is needed?
You can process the credit cards through your cell phone, lap top or desk top computer through an internet or wireless connection. Receipts can be emailed to your clients or you print from your printer.

How much does the service cost?
Hiring Helper subscribers will not have a set-up fee if they apply through our representative Orlando.  There is a monthly maintenance and accounting fee of $20 – $35 dependent on your monthly usage and a fee of 1-3% per transaction from the credit card companies.

Who is Pay Junction?
Founded in 2000, Pay Junction provides transaction processing services for tens of thousands of businesses that process in excess of a billion dollars annually. Pay Junction is a PCI Level 1 compliant provider. Businesses are required by the card associations (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, etc.) to use only PCI compliant products and providers.

How do you implement this technology into your business?
Contact Orlando Mulero, PayJunction representative to subscribers at for a simple application.  Upon a 24 hour approval you will receive an email with log in and password allowing you to start processing credit cards immediately. Orlando will waive the typical $200+ application and set-up fee and will give you the lowest processing rates he can. We all know that outstanding accounts receivables eats at the bottom line.  This is an option to help you the contractor or independent consultant with eliminating your AR.

Thank you Orlando for educating HiringHelper on this process and for offering the discount to our subscribers.