Contractor Love Poem


The alarm goes off
To greet a new day
I turn on the light
To guide my way

Two feet touch the floor
I head through the door
To a working commode, shower and sink
Then to the kitchen for food and drink

Then into my car to embrace the roads
Travel the bridges, tunnels and tolls
Out my window I take in the sights
Hospitals, schools, hotels, planes taking flight

Inside me a new passion arises
As I realize then there is no disguising
The lives we live are greater each day
Because of the contractors who made it that way!

The electrician, the plumber, the carpenter and crew
Without each of them what would we do?
Each talented contractor general or trade
How else would it have been made?


Our houses, our roads, places of work and of play
We could dream and design them day after day
But without the contractor to bring it to life
It stays just a plan with no execution in sight

Craftsman they’re called for obvious reasons
Without their talents just imagine our seasons
The beach house, the ski lodge , the place to take view
The race track, the theme park, the resorts all of new

None would be there for us to take pleasure in
Thank you Contractors for sharing your talents within
The world doesn’t always view you in love
It’s now obvious to me, you’re a gift from above!