Co-Founder’s Corner: Is it an Employer or Employee Market in Construction Right Now?

United States Labor Department statistics show that, for as many people gaining jobs in construction, the same number are losing their construction industry jobs and that employment levels are still down for nearly every state.

So, why are employers finding it more difficult to hire top talent? Two million people are gone from our industry since 2006, and many of those that stayed in the industry missed years of training and experience due to cuts in budgets, spending, and diminished sizes and scopes of projects.

So what is happening out there now? There are more projects; therefore, there are more jobs, right? Salaries are up again, correct? Let’s start by just pointing out a few facts on both sides.

Is it Employer or Employee Market in Construction Right Now?

Many companies are staffing for projects they bid and were awarded during the recession. This means that, with rising business costs and profitability still tight, they have to find talent that will work within their budgets.

Although there is a significant increase in projects from renovation, restoration to major new vertical and horizontal work, leaders of companies are navigating their way through all the industry changes and red tape associated with business here in the U.S. The good news is that we are a supply and demand nation, and the number of projects is helping to spread the projects around versus 20 contractors trying to chase the same project.

Many of the jobs that are opening up are from individuals who took jobs to get them through the recession, but they have the skills and experience to get other offers if their current employer is still in recession mindset.

What is recession mindset? It is thinking that the person or people who have stuck by you through salary and benefits cuts and company survival mode will continue to do so now that there are options. This holds true, especially if they are making and/or saving you money and they recognize that profitability is increasing. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that they will stay and be loyal. Loyalty only goes so far on both sides.

Is it an employer or employee market in construction right now? Individuals who identify how the recession stalled their careers and recognize that training and education are vital to their employment, stability will remain in demand. By embracing technology, improving communication and presentation skills while developing relational skills, employees will help secure their employment future.

Employers who pay fair wages, offer benefits, implement technology and training, along with creating a culture where individuals are recognized for their strengths and talents, will attract top employees. Communication from both sides is the key to keeping those employees and your reputation as a place where others want to work.

Employee or employer market for your future–it’s up to you. It’s not that hard. We’re here to help. Log on and learn something new at!

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