Co-Founder’s Corner: April Showers Bring May Flowers

Dear Construction Connection Members and Newsletter Subscribers:

No matter how proactive we are in both personal and business, life can throw us a curve ball.

Some of those curve balls are restrained cash flow, key employee resignation, death of a loved one, partnership separation, etc.  Many times these situations can cause emotional trauma.  How do you know if a situation qualifies under emotional trauma?  Emotional trauma contains three common elements:

  • It was unexpected.
  • The person was unprepared.
  •  There was nothing the person could do to prevent it from happening.

Emotional trauma is not the same as psychological trauma.  Most emotional trauma is healed with time and support, where psychological trauma (from abuse, for example), typically, will need professional help for recovery and healing.

What about the things that happen to us in life that we could have controlled or could have stopped from happening, but didn’t?  Do they cause emotional trauma?  When they happen, do we act as if they were unexpected?  We are obviously unprepared.  Do we go into denial and think that even if we did do something, it would have made a difference?

The start of the second quarter is upon us.  Each of us has choices we make every day to be proactive or reactive, to become informed or stay in the dark, to ask for help or continue to try to do it on our own.

Every month, the Construction Connection partners write articles just for you to help you avoid the pitfalls and to learn proactive business solutions.  The Construction Connection shop offers testing, training and assessment tools to help you.  We have an on-line chat and toll-free number and also have Consulting Simplified.  Construction Connection has formed a partnership with Marketplace Chaplains who are a phone call away.

Marketplace Chaplains USA is the longest continuing provider of workplace chaplains to corporate America today– as well as the largest.  Over 2,800 chaplains serve from California to Massachusetts, providing personal care for over 550,000 employees and family members and are available for you.

As most of you around the country are wishing this year for April showers versus more snow storms outside, my wish for you inside is to assess what you have and start spring cleaning.  Water your careers and companies and get rid of any “should’ves” and “could haves.”  If you do, not only will May bring flowers outside, all around you, but May will be a month of new, prosperous buds in the office.

We are always here to help – Construction Connection – Employment-Education-Encouragement-EXPERTS!

Happy spring,

Suzanne Breistol and the Construction Connection Team

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