The big “BUTS” of Construction

Three hundred sixty-five days in a year, 24 hours in a day, 60 minutes in an hour.  There are many ways we can count time, BUT no matter how we do:

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” width=”70%” ]Time can’t stand still,
We can’t turn back time,
Time isn’t always on our side,
And time doesn’t heal all wounds.[/box]

These four facts about time are so relevant to construction, not to mention life in general.  Most leaders in our industry are dominantly focused on action and results–a good thing, correct?  However, many times, that desire to “Get ‘er done–NOW” can produce unintended results. Although time doesn’t stand still, when making decisions, delegation of adequate time will allow others the time they need for buy-in.

This tie, along with genuine communication to define along the way what is needed to get to the desired result,  will shore up your chances of getting the intended outcome and, many times, even a better one than anticipated.

Unfortunately, when the results aren’t what we desired, we can’t turn back time. We can only access the current, not blame anyone but ourselves, and move forward–this time with everyone you need to accomplish the task or goal on the same page (with clear direction, needed resources and buy-in).

Time isn’t on our side if we are looking to complete a project in 24 months to avoid delay claim or if we are allowing our teams to work on projects with no formal safety training.

The first example ties in to the second because, although there is no time to lose, you can lose an extensive amount of time if you don’t schedule accordingly or if you have an on-the-job injury accident that shuts the job down.

Lastly, time does not heal all wounds. Time helps us build up our coping mechanisms.  The loss of a loved one, the breaking-up of a relationship (personal or business), or job or company losses are life-changing events that sometimes cause us to wish that time stood still, we could turn back time, or make up for the time we’ve lost.  But, we can’t.

This is where faith, grace, mercy, and forgiveness come in. We all have a creator who knows our pain, knows our losses, and knows the directions to lead us forward. We acknowledge His presence, invite Him into our hearts, and then listen for His direction. I guarantee that you, if and when you truly seek Him, will gain a whole new perspective on time.   In addition, your past experiences and future mistakes can be used to help others learn and help you gain your own hope for the future.

Every day I talk to men and women from our industry who are coping versus hoping. I can offer words of encouragement, pray for them and guide them toward hope, but without their eyes and hearts opened to receive, will they accept it? Our partners each month write about construction products and services and they share success stories from others, but none of it is of any value to our subscribers unless the subscribers find value in the content written.

We continue to prepare a custom newsletter for you each month trusting that in God’s time he will lead you to what you need to succeed.   Your testaments to how our content from the newsletters or blogs made a difference in your life or business are what keep us going.  Thank you for your encouragement and feedback each month.  We are always here to listen, or we will always do our best to help you or guide you to someone who can.

In closing, there is NO BUT when I say you are loved and you are appreciated for serving in the construction industry.   It takes someone special like you to choose to work in construction over the many more subdued, less challenging and safer industries to choose from.

Thank you for being part of the Construction Connection community.

On behalf of Suzanne Breistol and the Construction Connection Team

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