August 2012 Newsletter: No Just Mean Not Right Now

My first sales job out of school was in the Northeast selling business interiors. My boss shared a story that didn’t make much sense to me as a 20-something-year-old, but over time its value was revealed. He said there was a “salesperson” in Boston whose territory consisted of a single high-rise building for the office-related items they sold. Every week, the salesperson’s job was to visit each business within that one building and get business. There was one prospective client that was always welcoming but never gave this salesperson an order. The salesperson always lost the sale to the competitor. One day, after 10 years of calling on that client, the salesperson walked in and was handed a large order. Thankful, but shocked, the sales person said to the client, “why now?” The client responded, “We just wanted to make sure you were going to stick around.”

Twenty-five years later, “Sales” is referred to as “Account Management,” advanced technology has entered the equation, and competition in most areas is fierce, but the moral of the story remains the same.

People do business with people. Relationships are paramount. Knowing and trusting that you and your company will be there for them whenever they need assistance, have questions, or need to solve problems and resolve any order/product issues will be the driving force in the decision-making, purchasing process.

Relationships are built at different levels but they all have the common denominators of trust and a sense of connection. This cannot happen without your being proactive and visible.

Thank you for staying in touch with us monthly. We at Construction Connection look forward to building relationships so that we all have an opportunity to help each other.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and make sure to stay in touch!

Suzanne on the Construction Connection Team!


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