April 2013 Newsletter: A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Originally, the phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words” was coined to refer to the fact that a picture could tell a story just as well as a descriptive text.  Photography was a new invention and a luxury.  Over time, we see that pictures and videos are used more frequently to bring conversations into perspective. For example, the homeowner calls the roofer to say there is a gaping hole in the roof, only for the roofer to get there and find just a couple of missing roof tiles.  A picture would have put the emergency into perspective. In another instance, a person calls a loved one who lives out of state to say that he or she almost died in a car crash, but when the picture of the accident comes through, the vehicle has just a little dent.  A picture, before or with the conversation, could have eased a worried mind. Pictures and videos when used appropriately, especially in the construction industry, can save time, money, aggravation and so much more.

We hope you will enjoy our issue this month as our newsletter partners have taken this theme to present to you how to look beyond the structure of  a LEED certified building, how a picture can piece a legal case together, how praise makes for happier pictures regardless of the circumstances, and so much more.

Join me in welcoming our newest partner, Threshold, Construction Photo Management Systems.  Threshold will help you to manage and share your construction photos on the web or portable devices.  Make sure to request your free demo.

The new technology and apps now available to our industry are amazing and so easy to use.  Partner Alliance Solutions Group shares with you a mobile app for gathering data in the field via your portable device that would otherwise have required extra steps.

Please share your construction photos with us on both the Construction Connection Facebook and Instagram pages. The Construction Connection YouTube Channel was launched to demonstrate in pictures to you the many features our site offers you.

How are you using photos, videos, BIM and mobile applications?  Take time to share with your fellow members at Construction Connection by commenting on this article on our blog, through our LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you for doing your part in joining with us to keep construction working –- smarter people- stronger companies!

Happy spring,

Suzanne on behalf of The Construction Connection Team!

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