And the Rockets’ Red Glare…

By James P. Ginopoulos (Gino)

After gathering with friends and family for BBQ’s, beers, fireworks and all the festivities that go along with the 4th of July celebrations, remember this…..

And the Rockets’ Red Glare…

At the end of June in 1776, weeks before the Declaration of Independence was signed, General George Washington was growing impatient as he and his men anxiously waited for a major British offensive to begin. Our troops lay in waterlogged fields with little food or shelter, hopeful that a battle well fought would give this beautiful country her freedom. No TV’s, no IPods, no real estate investments or stock market woes as distractions…. Just pure hearts with undying hope that freedom would endure.

During the war of 1812, the White House virtually burnt to the ground…. A day that many would say our freedom was dying like the embers of that waning fire. Yet through the unyielding bravery of our troops and all our countrymen, our young nation survived and persevered.

In 1916, our fighting men perished on foreign soil in a united effort against oppression and for Democracy.  Thanks to them, we overcame and moved on.

In 1944, our armed forces stormed the beaches of Normandy to defeat an evil that still haunts us today. The Greatest Generation fought and won the greatest battle in recent world history. We were reminded that freedom has a dear price.

The Korean and Vietnam wars’ memories cause us bitter tears for those lost and sometimes raise the question why.  Yet our forces served without hesitation. Many gave all.

In the Gulf War and currently in Iraq, our remarkable young men and women serve and give everything they have every day.  Many have died. Freedom is not free.

In Afghanistan, the struggle continues as we take the lead in fighting extremists who will stop at nothing to eliminate our free way of life.  And once again, the brave man and women who serve this great country put in all on the line for people like you and me.

When you wake tomorrow, realize that you wake up with a gift…. A gift given to you by those brave service men and women… fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters…who made the ultimate sacrifice over the last two hundred and thirty five years.  They understood freedom has a high cost and they paid it…. for love of country and for you.

God Bless America and God love and watch over those many souls who paid the price of admission so we could be in attendance today.

Sure, we have some challenges in our Country right now.  In reality, they pale in comparison to those our predecessors have faced.  It is time to dig deep America.  Reach down inside and push the “Can do!” button.  We will pull through better, smarter and tougher than before.

America   —-   Stay Strong and Stand Proud!

James P. Ginopoulos


James P. Ginopoulos (Gino)

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