Alliance Solutions Group and Sage Master Builder Build Value for Tejas Premier

Tejas Premier Building Contractor, Inc. has enjoyed steady growth since its inception in 2006. The company credits much of its success with its ability to complete quality projects, on time and on budget. One of the tools Tejas Premier relies on to help it accomplish its mission is Sage Master Builder,backed by the professionals at Alliance Solutions Group, LLC.

Industry-Trusted Solution

“We implemented Sage Master Builder to replace a disconnected system of QuickBooks and spreadsheets,” recalls Julissa Carielo, president of Tejas Premier. “We recognized that we needed an integrated system to enable us to manage our projects more efficiently.”

The company analyzed several construction software packages, and decided on Sage Master Builder after receiving multiple endorsements of the product’s capabilities. “I called several other similar businesses and found that many of them were using Sage Master Builder and loved it,” Carielo says.

Professional and Experienced Partner

Carielo praises the professionalism and expertise of Alliance Solutions Group, both during the implementation and beyond: “Alliance knows their stuff. They have a unique skill set in that they not only are they experts in the software, but they understand the construction industry and best accounting practices.”

Benefits of a Consolidated System

Sage Master Builder has transformed the way Tejas Premier operates. “Sage Master Builder allows us to evaluate our business practices and become more competitive,” Carielo says. “Rather than entering information into our spreadsheets and then again into our accounting software, we enter it once and the data flows throughout the system. It saves time initially, and it saves time when we need to find information because we only need to look in one location — Sage Master Builder.”

Another efficiency Sage Master Builder delivers is the ability to scan and save project-related documents. Scanned documents can then be associated with a customer or a job, making them available electronically to the entire team as needed. Change order management, a vital and often difficult task,also has been improved and streamlined. Each change order is recorded, tracked, and billed through the software.

Improved Accuracy

“It is easier to manage our subcontracts,” Carielo says. “We have ready access to the original contract amount, job-to-date billing information, and the remaining balance. We can quickly catch an overbilling situation.” The manual reconciliation of the subcontracts that once required hours each month is now unnecessary as reports deliver the needed data on demand.

“As a business owner, I now have quick access to a wide range of reports that show me the status of our jobs and the health of the company as a whole,” Carielo concludes. “Sage Master Builder gives me more time to work on the business, rather than just in the business.”